Walton Spiritualist Church

07593 552362

Church Committee:

President =Ashley Mills 

Vice President = Ann Joyce

Treasurer & Secretary = Pat Fisher

Ordinary Committee members = Pam Capel, Barbara Willis, Steve Corbett

  Keep u​pdated with the work we have been doing to your church during 2020 and 2021 by clicking on the button to view our gallery...

 Demonstrations of Mediumship for August 2021 

Sunday 1st our medium will be Stephen Rowlands, 6.30pm start.

Wednesday 4th our medium will be Wanda Bolton 7.30 start.

Sunday 8th our medium will be Esi, 6.30pm start.

Wednesday 11th our medium Pam Pollington, 7.30pm start.

Sunday 15th our medium will be Eve Cowell, 6.30pm start.

Wednesday 18th our medium will be Sarah Norris, 7.30pm start.

Sunday 22th our medium will be Karim,6.30pm start.

Wednesday 25th our medium will be Pauline Walsh, 7.30pm start.

Sunday 29th our medium will be Sarah Wawman, 6.30pm start

NEW! We have a HEALING BOOK at the church as we all seem to know someone who needs healing sent to them right now. Please text 07593 552362 and just type 'Healing for (and then the persons name/names)'


Please do keep an eye on this website or Facebook for the latest information as it is likely to change. Please use the link below (under Church Updates) to add your name to the contact list for important updates only!

At present social distancing must be observed. We have a one way system set up so please observe this.  Hand sanitiser is available for your use as you enter and as you leave the church. Seats are spaced in accordance with current guidelines, so numbers are limited. If you would like to confirm a seat for one of our services, please do get in touch and we will reserve one or more.                          The Guidance from the SNU website regarding safety from 19th July onwards:

Face coverings - While the requirement for face coverings by law has been lifted, the government says that it is “expected and recommended” that people should wear a face covering in crowded public settings (unless exempt.) The Spiritualists’ National Union advises churches to ask visitors to continue to wear face coverings to protect others, particularly in smaller and/or busier spaces. The Chief Medical Officer said they should be worn indoors, in any situation which is crowded, or where people are close together. Therefore the committee have agreed to ask people to still wear facemasks if they attend a service until further notice. We are also continuing our seat booking system for the forseeable future until we don't need to distance chairs apart.

                                               Thank you for your support to keep everyone as safe as possible.                                                       These measures are for the safety of all of us, so please observe and adhere to the above.


Church Membership. Church membership is available now at only £10 for the year.  If you would like to support the church further please do become a member. You will be eligible for a 10% discount on foyer cabinet items for sale, receive a 20 minute reading from on of our mediums and be eligible for entry fee discounts on special events. 

'Sponsor a Seat'. You can have your name attached to a seat of your choice within the church for a mere £20 for the year. The same seat will be yours for every standard service throughout the year. Once you inform us you may be attending, we will keep this same seat for you regardless of how busy we get. 

Please do get in touch if you require a membership or 'sponsor a seat' offer. Thank you in advance.


We now have a range of Crystals and attractive gifts and greetings cards for sale in the foyer. These are very reasonably priced. Please take time to look and buy something and help to support the church for us all to enjoy. 100% of any money taken goes towards running, maintaining and improving the church. All committee members who run the church do so purely as volunteers.


We have a free audio book library at the church. This is free to members and non members to hire audio tapes and some CD's for the duration of the lockdown. Please ask for information or just pick up a book tape to borrow for yourself or lend to someone, when on your way out of the church. 

Church Updates.

If you would like to be added to our church email list to get the medium's list for the coming month, please send your first & last name & email address to [email protected]  You can request to be removed at any time if you change your mind.  

Whats been happening

Our Mission

We aim to provide a sanctuary for all to visit.  We welcome you to embrace and be a part of Walton Spiritualist Church with us. We hold services on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm and Sunday evenings at 6.30pm with various events throughout the year. Please see our events page for details. There is a public car park. Please use the turning adjacent to the church turning, beside the Peugeot dealers. 


Walton Spiritualist Church hold regular demonstrations of mediumship during our services and at special events. Everyone is welcome to attend. Please join us and either just sit in the energy and observe or take part, there is no pressure to take part.  Please see our events page for details. There is a public car park. Please use the turning adjacent to the church turning, beside the Peugeot dealers.

Our Story

Walton Spiritualist Church has a small committee dedicated to the cause . We are self funded and rely on donations from members and visitors.  Our funds are used to maintain the church, keep its doors open and help others in need. Please do pop in and visit us whenever you see our doors open or attend one of our services. There is a public car park. Please use the turning adjacent to the church turning, beside the Peugeot dealers.

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Why not become a church member? We would welcome you to the church with open arms.