Walton Spiritual​ist Church

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As you can see, we weren't sitting idle when the church was unable to open for services during part of 2020, we made great use of the time to improve many things. 

The church committee has a continued plan of what they wish to improve, maintain and this work will go on wherever possible, so it doesn't affect church services.

A Message from your church committee:

We've all been through an extremely challenging time.  Spiritualism has given comfort to many in difficult times throughout history.  The church is run with the community of congregation in mind.  To offer a place of welcome, calm and safety where you can experience the love, guidance and support of spirit.

Services/Events at W​alton Spiritualist Church

As well as mediumship services, we also have:

Psychic Art

Open Platforms

Private Readings

Development Circle

Drumming Circle


Audience with events 

Lyn St. Clair Psychic Artist working on Platform.

So interesting to watch Wanda and Lyn working together to bring a demonstration of mediumship and psychic art to our church!

Psychic Art

 Working on the Front of the church

Some members of the congregation volunteered to help our Treasurer & Secretary Pat Fisher make a start on improving the appearance at the front of the church in 2020.  Their assistance is much appreciated and I'm sure you'll notice the difference when you come to the church.  This is only the start as the committee have a mid and long-term plan for improvements at the church. 


Do join us and other members of the congregation to connect.